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  • I can't use a whole side of beef at one time. Can I get smaller boxes?
  • Yes, orvis beef can be found at local merchants. See the sales page for a list of sellers who carry our beef.
  • So, how much beef can I expect to take home?
  • That depends on how big the animal was. One animal will yield between 390 and 420 pounds of packaged beef. Half a beef will yield about 200 pounds, and a quarter beef will yield about 100 pounds. You do need to make sure you have the freezer space for what you order.
  • What does it cost?
  • We make that easy for you. Rather than having to figure in all the trimming losses, our listed prices are for the weight of beef delivered. See the sales page for the current prices.
  • How long can I store frozen beef?
  • The rule of thumb for frozen beef is to eat it within 9 months of freezing it. This does not mean that it's bad after 9 months. Beef that has been frozen for 2 years can be just fine. It will just be better if eaten within 9 months of freezing.
  • What is a seedstock producer
  • Seedstock in the cattle industry is essentially the same as seedstock in any other branch of farming. If you raise corn, you buy your seed from the store. The farm that produces that seed rather than selling corn for consumption is the seedstock producer. In the cattle industry, commercial breeders need bulls and cows to breed to produce the cattle who are marketed as meat. The ranchers who produce this breeding stock are the seedstock producers. You might wonder why the commercial breeders don't just create their own seedstock, and they do, but the seedstock producers concentrate on producing breeders with the traits the commercial breeders want, freeing the commercial breeders to concentrate on meat production.
  • Where can I learn more about sustainable foods and grass-fed Beef?
  • The following links will take you to other pages that discuss sustainable foods and grass-fed beef.

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